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TankSure® Ultrasonic Residential Oil Storage Tank Inspections

cedar hill home inspection ct - TankSure program

The TankSure® Program has been designed to offer homeowners with oil heat systems a proactive inspection, testing, and tank replacement process. Before TankSure®, virtually all residential tanks leaked before they were replaced.

TankSure® has established the standard for proactive replacement by determining when a residential tank should be replaced before it leaks. This new standard is designed to protect homeowners, heating oil marketers, home inspectors, and real estate agents.

cedar hill home inspection ct - tanksure ultrasonic testerThe TankSure® Program is the only testing and inspection process for residential above ground tanks using an EPA approved technology. The ultrasonic process is non-invasive and can be conducted by many oil heat service providers and licensed home inspectors in about fifteen minutes.

Insurance Industry Support

The TankSure® Program is endorsed by some of the most prominent insurance companies in North America. In many states, homeowners that have had the TankSure® test and inspection will receive discounts on their residential homeowner’s policies.

If you are buying a home that has an above ground fuel oil storage tank you should hire a TankSure® trained home inspector. You will know the condition of the tank as part of your overall home inspection and be eligible for insurance discounts. If you currently have oil heat, you may find an oil heat service provider that will activate a $1,000 proactive tank replacement warranty for your tank and provide the annual TankSure® inspection.

Homeowners can receive insurance discounts, a $1,000 proactive tank replacement warranty (from TankSure), and documentation that can be valuable in real estate transactions. The test and benefits are easy to obtain and are very economical. In many cases the insurance discounts exceed the cost of the Program.

cedar hill home inspection ct - Boston Environmantal

The TankSure® Program is good for you, your investment, and the environment.

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